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Buck Rogers
Issue: 01/10/37

Massive content update in the works!

Over 30 new slabs uploaded 11/27/2017!!

Adventure Comics 380 CGC 8.0 Jim Shooter
Army At War1 CGC 9.4 Jerry Bingham
Astonishing Tales 26 CGC 9.2 Rich Buckler
Batman Family 1 CGC 9.4 Elliot S. Maggin
Beowulf 1 CGC 9.6  Michael Uslan w/sketch
Charlton Bullseye 1 CGC 9.6 Bob McLeod
Conan 71 CGC 9.4 Ernie Chan
Daredevil 164 CGC 9.8 Frank Miller
Fantasy Quarterly 1 CGC 9.6 Richard & Wendy Pini
Green Lantern 80 CGC 8.5 Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams
Hercules 11 CGC 9.4 Walt Simonson
House of Mystery 217 CGC 9.2 Bernie Wrightson
Logan's Run 6 CGC 9.8 Mike Zeck
Man-Thing 1 CGC 9.6 Frank Brunner
Marvel Movie Showcase Starring Star Wars 1 CGC 9.4 Howard Chaykin
Marvel Premiere 36 CGC 9.4 Don Glut
Marvel Super-Heroes 1 CGC 9.0 Stan Lee
Nova 1 CGC 9.4 Joe Sinnott
Omega the Unknown 1 CGC 9.4 Winnipeg Ed Hannigan
Sandman 3 CGC 9.2 Mike Royer
Shanna the She-Devil 1 CGC 9.6 Jim Steranko
Spectre 4 CGC 9.0 Neal Adams
Starfire 1 CGC 9.6 Mike Vosburg
Strange Adventures 205 CGC 8.0 Carmine Infantino
Strange Adventures 225 CGC 9.4 Joe Kubert
Superman 236 CGC 8.5 Neal Adams
Superman 311 CGC 9.6 Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Tales to Astonish 59 CGC 8.0 Stan Lee & Dick Ayers
Tarzan 207 CGC 9.6 Joe Kubert
Tarzan 230 CGC 8.5 Joe Kubert
Thor193 UK Edition CGC 8.5 Sal Buscema
Warlock 15 CGC 9.4 Jim Starlin
Weird Western Tales 13 CGC 9.0 Neal Adams




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