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Issue: 225
Page: 8

Issue: 23

Issue: 0392

Issue: 1

Massive content update in the works!

Week of 6/11:

Amazing Spider-Man162 CGC 9.4
Amazing Spider-Man194 CGC 9.4 SOLD!
Amazing Spider-Man 238 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
Amazing Spider-Man 252 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
Amazing Spider-Man 298 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.0
Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 8.5
Amazing Spider-Man 361 CGC 9.6
Avengers196 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
DC Comics Presents 47 CGC 9.6
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions 1 CGC 9.8
New Mutants 26 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
New Mutants 87 CGC 9.4
New Teen Titans 2 CGC 9.8

Adventure Comics 381 CGC 9.2
Champion Sports 1 CGC 9.8 SOLD!
Charlton Bullseye 1 CGC 9.6
Flash 167 CGC 9.4
It's Fun to Stay Alive nn CGC 9.0
Laurel and Hardy 1 CGC 9.4
Sinister House of Secret Love 1 CGC 9.4
Spoof 5 Don Rosa CGC 9.8
Steel the Indestructible Man 1 CGC 9.8
Super-Team Family 1 CGC 9.6
Superman Family 164 CGC 9.4
Thor 169 CGC 9.0
Thor 225 CGC 9.2
Three Mouseketeers 1 CGC 9.4
Weird Western Tales 12 CGC 9.6

Sketch Covers-
David Lapham- Captain America
James O'Barr- The Crow
Mark Kidwell- Thanos Skrull
Mike Champion- Enchantress
Mike McKone- Punisher
Neal Adams- Wolverine

More Signature Series to be uploaded this week!


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