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Crazy Mixed-Up Kids
Issue: G-12
Price: $18

I'll Eat You Last!
Issue: 5
Price: $15

Convention Girl
Issue: CB101
Price: $15

Issue: P1263
Price: $20

Run Chico Run
Issue: 0292
Price: $25

Con Man
Issue: G280
Price: $25

Issue: 109
Price: $20

All pages within the collection :

Ace 69770-4 Question and Answer Anderson F $8
Ace D-045 Death Hitches A Ride/Tracked Down Weiss/Edgley VG+ $15
Ace D-322 The Blue Atom/The Void Beyond Williams VG $5
Ace D-333 Scream Street/Stranglehold Brett/Creighton VG $5
Ace D-482 The Weapon Shops of Isher Von Vogt VG+ $3
Ace D-516 The Swordsman of Mars Kline VG+ $  Sold
Ace D-526 Obsession Darien VG/F $  Sold
Ace F-139 Un-Man and Other Novellas/The Makeshift Rocket Anderson NF $5
Ace F-141 Darkness Before Tomorrow/Ladder In the Sky Williams/Woodcott F $6
Ace F-195 Silent Invaders/Battle on Venus Silverberg/Temple VG/F $4
Ace G-581 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #5 Phillifent VG/F $3
Ace G-595 Quest Crosstime Norton NF $4
Ace G-600 Man From U.N.C.L.E. #7 Leslie VG/F $3
Ace M-133 Space Mercenaries/The Caves of Mars Chandler/Petaja VG+ $4
Ballantine 25850 Through the Eye of a Needle Clement VG/F $3
Ballantine 25954 The Best of Leigh Brackett Brackett VG+ $5
Ballantine 391 Strange Relations Farmer VG $3
Ballantine 407 Of All Possible Worlds Tenn VG/F $5
Ballantine U2140 Tales of the Incredible G/VG $  Sold
Bantam 0054 The Love Letters Massie VG/F $4
Bantam 0068 Guns From Powder Valley Field VG $4
Bantam 0074 Halo In Blood Evans NF $15
Bantam 0076 Drink to Yesterday Coles NF $10
Bantam 0104 Powder Valley Pay-Off Field VG/F $6
Bantam 0132 Date With Death Goldthwaite VG/F $4
Bantam 0256 Western Roundup Misc NF $5
Bantam 0320 As Long As I Live Shriber F $8
Bantam 0418 Someone Called Maggie Lane Wees F $8
Bantam 0473 Danger Trail Pratt F $15
Bantam 0550 Milton Berle's Joke Book:Out of My Trunk Berle NF $8
Bantam 0553 The Big Bet Heth VG/F $5
Bantam 0727 City Limit Summers NF $8
Bantam 0765 Border City Stilwell NF $8
Bantam 0819 Donovan's Brain Siodmak G+ $8
Bantam 1071 Brave New World Huxley VG/F $6
Bantam 1251 Line To Tomorrow Padgett VG+ $3
Bantam A0893 Cass Timberlane Lewis NF $8
Bantam A0964 Terror In the Streets Whitman VG $6
Bantam A0984 Ride With Me Costain VG+ $6
Bantam A1009 The Devil in Velvet Carr VG/F $6
Bantam A1073 An Unfound Door Hine VG+ $8
Bantam Q7616 Soul Catcher Herbert NF $8
Berkley 1071 The Crooked Hinge Carr VG/F $10
Berkley G-12 Crazy Mixed-Up Kids F $18
Bonded Mystery 5 I'll Eat You Last! Branson G/VG $15
Bonded Mystery 8 Twittering Bird Mystery Bailey VG $8
Cardinal C-187 The Blackboard Jungle Hunter VG $2
Cardinal C-341 The Case of the Lucky Loser Gardner VG/F $5
Cardinal C-378 The Case of the Substitute Face Gardner NF $8
Cardinal C-57 Three Harbours Mason VG $8
Chariot CB101 Convention Girl Wright VG/F $15
Daw Books 025 Mention My Name in Atlantis Jakes NF $6
Daw Books 069 The Pritcher Mass Dickson VG $2
Daw Books 110 By The Light Of The Green Star Carter NF $4
Daw Books 221 Renegade of Kregen Akers VG/F $4
Daw Books 228 One Against the Wilderness Chester NF $3
Fawcett P1263 Rickenbacker VG/F $20
Galaxy 02 The Legion of Space Williamson VG $4
Galaxy 04 The Amphibians Wright VG $10
Galaxy 23 Murder In Space Reed NF $10
Galaxy 31 Shambleau Moore/Wood VG+ $12
Gold Medal 0119 The Tormented Pratt G+ $3
Gold Medal 0163 Big City Girl Williams NF $35
Gold Medal 0170 Death on a Ferris Wheel Martin G $2
Gold Medal 0273 Unholy Flame Rosmanith VG $4
Gold Medal 0292 Run Chico Run Brown NF $25
Gold Medal 0342 Belle Bradley- Her Story Anonymous G $3
Gold Medal 1038 VIP's All New Bar Guide Armstrong/VIP VG $6
Gold Medal 3306 The Expendables #1:The Deathworms of Kratos Avery VG+ $5
Gold Medal S1231 Atoms and Evil Bloch NF $4
Gold Medal S549 Queen of Sheba Fox VG/F $8
Gold Medal S922 To Hell Together Dixon VG/F $5
Graphic 017 Call the Lady Indiscreet Whelton NF $20
Graphic 033 The Dummy Murder Case Ozaki VG $6
Graphic 073 Handle With Fear Dewey G/VG $8
Graphic 090 Too Young to Die Saber VG $5
Graphic 102 Die By Night Marble VG $5
Graphic 126 Murder's End Kelston G/VG $7
Graphic 148 Say It With Bullets Powell G/VG $5
Hillman 023 42 Days For Murder Torrey VG $10
Hillman 128 Elisa:The Story of a Prostitute de Goncourt VG/F $12
Hillman 130 The Elvis Presley Story Gregory G/VG $10
Lancer 72-701 The Secret People Harris VG $  Sold
Lancer 75-556 The Mighty Barbarians ed. Santesson VG+ $5
Leisure Books 420ZK Kyrik and the Lost Queen Fox VG/F $5
Lion 41 The Big Night Ellin VG- $5
Mentor MP369 Male and Female Mead NF $2
Monarch mb503 Tormented Women McGoldrick VG/F $12
News Stand Library 4A Each Night a Black Desire Plagemann VG $8
Novel Library 3 Free Lovers Woodford VG $8
Novel Library 8 The Regenerate Lover Clarke VG+ $10
Penguin 571 Death Down East Blake F $8
Penguin 610 Lady Chatterly's Lover DH Lawerence VG/F $5
Pennant P21 Border Graze Bennett VG $4
Perma Books 384 Pocket Book of Ghost Stories VG $8
Perma Books m3004 Life Among the Savages Jackson VG/F $6
Perma Books M4149 Sands of Mars Clarke NF $10
Perma Books P132 Chad Hanna Edmonds VG+ $8
Perma Books P180 That None Should Die Slaughter VG/F $8
Popular Library Eagle EB34 Too Hot To Handle Nabarro VG $6
Pyramid 29 Stairway to Death Fischer VG $7
Pyramid 55 Downfall Plagemann G $3
Pyramid G280 Con Man Brannon VG+ $25
Quick Reader (Royce) 109 Bushido Pernikoff F $20
Quick Reader (Royce) 145 The Dead Man's Tale Penetecost NF $20
Vega VSF-5 Plan For Conquest Glynn G+ $6
Warner 76-061 Cyborg #2: Operation Nuke Caidin VG $8

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